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Travertine is a form of massive calcium carbonate, CaCO 3 , resulting from deposition by springs or rivers. It is often beautifully coloured and banded as a result of the presence of iron compounds or other (e.g., organic) impurities. This material is variously known as calc-sinter and calcareous tufa (when used for decorative purposes), in fact Travertine is actually a dense closely compacted form of limestone.
Travertine is an excellent product for residential and commercial use and is becoming increasingly popular because not only does it have the elegant look of marble, but also once sealed Travertine tiles require very little maintenance, which allows for a timeless & beautiful appearance.
Travertine is available in a number of finishes ranging from polish, cross-cut, regular-cut, honed & filled, honed & unfilled, tumbled, distressed-edge, patinato and unpolished to name a few.
Travertine tile possess a wide range of colors, and cover the spectrum from pure white to deep mahogany. The various hues of Travertine tile can sometimes be constant throughout large pieces and at times are blended. Travertine tile displays distinct veins at times and is a very sturdy natural stone.
Onyx marble, Mexican onyx, and Egyptian or Oriental alabaster are terms applied to travertine. Travertine is generally less coarse-grained and takes a higher polish than stalactite and stalagmite, which are similar in chemical composition and origin.


. R cream Travertine in light and medium color is Famous in international stock market which is usable in huge projects which is productable in the case and form of bellow:

Acidic polish, Honded polish, Polish with the same Mastic color, Polish with colorless resin.
Travertine is predictable in cream, chocolate, red, lemon, walnut and white color.


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